About Teammo

Our mission is to make sport more accessible and easier to participate in, allowing teams and individuals to focus on the sport.

Anyone who has played team sport can appreciate how challenging it can be to collect and reconcile payments (registration fees, weekly team sheets, game costs).

We started Teammo to make it easier for Team Managers and Organisers to collect team sports payments so they can focus on what matters most: the players and the game. 

No more chasing cash, being out-of-pocket or having to constantly nag people for money.

The team behind teammo

Andrew McIntosh

Co-founder & CEO

Andrew is an entrepreneur passionate about creating technology to make better experiences for people. His has many years experience working in the startup world building payment technology. Through his many sporting ventures – basketball, football, soccer – he realised the need to help sports teams facilitate easier and better payment processes.

Sarah Stocks

Co-founder & CXO

Sarah is an entrepreneur passionate about solving business and customer problems using data and research. She has many years experience working in digital marketing and communications. Through her many years playing netball and soccer, she understands the need for better sports team payment technology.