Mornington District Basketball Association
Mornington Basketball and Teammo Partner to Improve Team Payment Processes

In partnership with Teammo, Mornington District Basketball Association is providing your team an easier way to collect and manage match fees and submit forfeits.

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How Teammo can benefit your team

Easily request & collect payments

You can request payments from team members and we'll send out notifications on your behalf.

Eliminate chasing cash

Eliminate the need to chase team members for cash so you can save time and avoid being out-of-pocket.

Safe & secure

Teammo uses Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processors to securely process transactions.

Competitive fees

Teammo charges 5% per transaction made via your team members. Our fee is simple and competitive. No other fees or charges are applied.

Connect to your association

Manage payments to your association if they are affiliated with Teammo. This means being able to pay for things like weekly fees and forfeits online.

Track payments

A central dashboard to see all your payment requests – who's paid, who hasn't, with the ability to send out reminders.

Request, collect and manage your team’s payments in one location

Teammo enables you to collect payments from team members and send them to your bank account or to your club or association*.

* Direct payments to your club or association are only available if your club or association is setup in Teammo. Please contact us to find out if your club and/or association is affiliated.

Remind team members to pay with the click of a button

We give you full visibility of payments so you can track what has been collected and send reminders.

How Teammo could work for your team

1. Create a team

After you create a Teammo account, create a team and add team members. There's no limit to how many teams and team members you can have.

2. Request a payment

Create a payment request and select the team members who are required to pay. We will send payment requests via SMS.

3. Team members make a payment

Team members are not required to sign up for Teammo to make a payment. All payments are sent to your nominated bank account.

4. Track payments

You are able to instantly know how much money has been collected, is upcoming, or is owed. You can also send payment reminders to team members.

Security illustration showing the cards supported for payment processing - VISA and Mastercard

Secure transactions

Teammo uses Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processors to securely process transactions – ensuring your funds are in safe hands.
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