See what we're working on now, and what we are looking to roll out ✨

1. What's happening now

For Team Managers

Notifications for team managers

Sending match payment reminders to team managers.

For Team Managers

Mobile app

iOS and Android apps to provide team managers an alternative way of accessing Teammo.

For Organisations

Easy-to-access settlement reporting

Downloadable settlement reports to assist with financial reconciliation of Teammo revenue and fees in organisations.

For Organisations

Enhanced reporting for organisations

Dashboard which provides data on how teams are using Teammo to make payments.

2. What's next

For Organisations

Xero integration

Sync transactions (revenue and fees generated by Teammo) to reduce any manual processes when organisations are reconciling funds.

For Organisations

Ad hoc payments

For organisations to be able to request one-off payments request from teams and individuals in a season.

For Team Managers

Bank transfer as payment method

Ability to make payments via bank transfer

For Team Managers

Team wallets

Ability for team managers to set up a team wallet for team members to make contributions to.

3. What's on our radar

For Organisations

Flexible payment frequency

Ability for teams to pay on their terms (for example, all upfront, week-by-week).

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