Digitising and automating the forfeit process

Forfeits in sport are infrequent, but highly manual to process. Teammo has improved the forfeit experience by moving it online and automating it.
Sarah Stocks

The dreaded forfeit (or perhaps you call it a walkover). Hopefully they are not a frequent occurrence for your team or sport association. 

As a team or player, you'd rather play than have to forfeit. It's your last resort. Usually, you are required to contact your association within business hours, and sometimes it can be tricky to get through to them (particularly if it's a long weekend). Then you need to pay a fine for not being able to play.

As an administrator, you want teams playing. Forfeits are tedious to process. First, you have to notify the opposition team – often playing phone tag to get in touch. Then, you need to make sure the team who submitted the forfeit pays the fine. You can often be chasing that money for weeks. Finally, you need to contact umpires/referees and ensure everyone in your organisation is notified.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? At Teammo, we were determined to automate and digitise this manual process, to create a better experience for teams and administrators.

We started by creating a digital form that teams could fill out to capture forfeit match information and fine payment. When this happens, we send automated email and SMS communications to the teams affected. Teams and administrators who have partnered with us have been using this feature for the last two years.

How do digital forfeits work?

We’ve made some recent updates to the platform to make it easier for teams to submit forfeits. Once teams have connected with their club or association via Teammo, they can simply select the game they want to forfeit and make a payment. No need to fill in any form fields.

Team contacts are notified about forfeits via SMS
Association contacts are notified about forfeits via SMS and email

The benefits of Teammo for your club or association:

  • A forfeit can be submitted, paid for and notifications sent out within a couple of minutes.
  • All SMS and email messages are sent out automatically. There's no need to contact teams manually.
  • We collect payment upfront, which means you don't need to chase up money. Forfeits are not confirmed until payment is successful.

How much does it cost to use Teammo to manage forfeits?

Our fee structure is simple. We charge 3.4% on forfeits submitted via Teammo. For example, if your forfeit fines are $100, we will take $3.40 and you will keep $96.60. If you don't have any forfeits in a given week, you don't pay. You only pay for what you need. It's as simple as that.

How can you get started?

As an administrator at a club or association, the best way to get started with Teammo is to get in touch with us via hello@teammo.com.au. It only takes a couple of days to get up and running with digital forfeits.

Ready to get started?

Create an account for free. If you are a club and still have some questions, please get in touch with our friendly team!