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Everything you need to know about how to start using Teammo in your team or club.

Step 1


Create your Teammo account

Get started or download our app to create your Teammo account. If you’re a club, you only need to create one account to manage multiple teams. When you sign up, you will be asked to enter a team name. This can be changed once you have created your account.

Set up your team/s

When you first log in, you can add team members to your team. Team member details can be added manually, or you can share a link with your team members to add their details (name, email and mobile number) themselves. For more information on how to add team members read more. If you’re a club with multiple teams and team members, you can import a CSV with your team members' details to speed up the process.

If you manage multiple teams, you can add more teams to your account. There's no limit to how many teams and team members you can have. Learn more on adding multiple teams.

Add bank account details

If you want to collect money from your team members, you will need to provide bank account details. This is where all money collected from members will be deposited. For more information on how to add/update bank account details read more.

Step 2

Using your account

Request payments

You’re ready to request money from your team members. Create a payment request via ‘Collect Payment’. Enter the payment details and select the team members who are required to pay. We will send payment requests via SMS.

Teammo gives you flexibility to manage payments on your terms. You might want to collect match fees from team members weekly. Perhaps you want to collect upfront at the start of the season, or via instalments. If ad hoc or unexpected fees arise such as uniforms or gifts, you can use Teammo to collect money from your members.

Team members make their payment

When you set up a payment request, Teammo sends SMS to selected members. They are not required to sign up to Teammo to make payments. They will receive an SMS with a link to pay the requested amount by debit or credit card. Learn more.

All payments are sent to your nominated bank account.

For all subsequent payment requests members receive, they can simply reply with the unique 3-digit code provided in the SMS. This means they don’t have to fill out the payment form for each payment request. Learn more.

Track payments from team members

You are able to instantly know how much money has been collected, is upcoming, or is owed. You can also send payment reminders to team members from your dashboard. Reminders are only sent to members with outstanding payments, and can only be received by members once every 24 hours.

Payout information can be found under Payouts in your Teammo account. This gives you everything you need to reconcile bank deposits. Please get in touch with us if you require additional data.

Make payments on behalf of your team/s

You can transact with your league or association if they have partnered with Teammo. Pay for things like match fees, forfeits and other payments from your Teammo account. This provides the convenience of managing your team or club’s finances in one location.

Let us help

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to receive payments from team members?

After a team member makes their payment, it usually takes 1-3 business days for the money to reach your nominated bank account.Your first payment request via Teammo may take an extra business day due to standard KYC verification checks conducted on all accounts.

Our payment processor sends out funds in daily batches. This means you will receive payments from team members as they come through. You do not need to wait for all payments to be made from your team for money to reach your bank account.

What happens when a team member makes a payment?

The money you pay will be sent to your nominated bank account (usually within 1-3 business days of payment).

What payment methods do you accept?

Teammo currently supports Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards (Australian cards only). AMEX is not currently supported.

How much does it cost to use Teammo?

As a team manager or organiser, it is free to create a Teammo account. We charge a 1.9% + $0.20 transaction fee per payment made through Teammo. This is only applicable to payments you request from team members. It does not apply to payments you make to your league or association for match fees, forfeits, etc.

The 1.9% + $0.20 fee is charged in addition to the payment amount you request from your team members, to ensure you are never out-of-pocket as a team manager. For example, if you request $20.00 from each team member, they pay $20.58. You will receive $20.00.

I’m having trouble making my payment.

There are several scenarios that could cause an error with your payment processing. Insufficient funds, and unsupported cards being used are the most common scenarios. Read more on how to get support for these issues. If you have further questions or issues with your payment, please contact our team via or via the blue chat icon on the website.

Do I need to have a Teammo account to make payments to my team manager or club?

No account is required! Teammo will send you payment requests via SMS, on behalf of your team manager or club. When you receive an SMS, you can click the link to make your payment. For more information on how you make payments, read this article.

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