For Clubs & Teams

A smarter way to manage money in your team or club

Teammo is a money management tool for teams and clubs to request, pay, and track payments. Spend more time on the game and less time chasing money. 
Pay fees to your league
Use Teammo to make payments to your league or association online. You don’t need to worry about paying in person again.
Collect money from your team/s
Request and collect money from team members so you’re never out-of-pocket. Collect money for things like match fees, training, team registration, uniforms, gifts.
Track money in the one location
Keep an eye on who has paid and who hasn’t. Send reminders with the click of a button so you don’t have to manually chase up team members.

Request and collect money from your members

Do you manage a team? Or are you a club that needs to collect fees from your members? Use Teammo to centralise your payment collections.

Make payments to your league or association

You can transact with your league or association if they have partnered with Teammo. Pay match fees, forfeits, and other payments from your Teammo account.

Keep track of your payments

Quickly see who has paid and who hasn’t. We keep track of all payments you make and request from your account.

Customer stories

Trusted by over 9,000 teams and clubs

Understand how and why teams and clubs across Australia are using Teammo to manage their finances more efficiently.

Why Teammo

The most efficient & hassle-free way to manage your sports finances

Are you collecting money via bank transfer? EFTPOS? Cash? All of the above? Managing multiple payment methods is time consuming.
Spend less time collecting and chasing money.
Remove the need to collect money in person.
Happier members
Give members an easy and secure way to pay online.
Get started quickly
You can start collecting money within a few minutes.


Simple & transparent

As a team manager or club, it is free to create a Teammo account.
  • Collecting payments
    Any time you use Teammo to collect money from team members, we charge a percentage on top of the amount requested.

    1.9% + $0.20

    charged to team members
  • Payments to your league or association
    Any time you use Teammo to make a payment to your league or association, there are no additional charges (e.g. match fees, forfeits etc).


    no fees for teams

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Create an account for free. If you are a club and still have some questions, please get in touch with our friendly team!