Screenshot of Teammo platform showing a dashboard tracking match payments and a mobile device displaying a payment form

We help sports teams, clubs and associations go cashless.

We connect teams, clubs and associations through our digital payment platform – enabling better collection, management and reconciliation of sports payments.

How Teammo can benefit your team, club or association

For Players

Forget cash. We give you a more convenient way to make payments to your team, club and association. It's all online.

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Screenshots of what a team member receives when a team manager sends a payment request.

For Team Managers

We make it easier for you to collect and manage payments from your team so you can spend less time chasing money and are not out-of-pocket.

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Screenshot of Teammo's collect payment screen, where team managers can request money from team members.

For Clubs & Associations

We enable you to request, collect and manage payments from  players and teams to save you time and money, and give you more control and visibility.

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Screenshot of the game day dashboard that associations can use to track payments.

Organisations that use Teammo

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Mornington Basketball logo
Bendigo Basketball logo
MSD Spartans Basketball logo
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Benefits of Teammo for players, teams, clubs and associations

Easily request & collect payments

Teams, clubs and associations can request payments from players and teams, and we'll send out notifications on your behalf.

Automates processes

Eliminate the need to chase people and teams for cash so you can save time and avoid being out-of-pocket.

Safe & secure

Teammo uses Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processors to securely process transactions – ensuring your funds are in safe hands.

Competitive fees

Teammo offers competitive fees to teams (3.9%), clubs and associations (transaction fee variable depending on volume of transactions).

Improved experience for teams

We make it easier for players and teams to transact, particularly with growing expectations around digital payments.

Track payments

Teammo provides a dashboard for team organisers, clubs and associations to see payments requested and received.

Security illustration showing the cards supported for payment processing - VISA and Mastercard

Secure transactions

Teammo uses Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processors to securely process transactions – ensuring your funds are in safe hands.