New updates for clubs & team managers ✨

Sarah Stocks

Team managers and club administrators may notice your account looks a little different. We rolled out some updates to improve how you manage payments in your team and/or club.

Below is an overview of the changes. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please get in touch with us.

1. Manage multiple teams more efficiently

If you manage multiple teams, or are a club, you no longer need to toggle between teams to pay for matches or send payment requests. Your dashboard will show you all payments from all teams by default.

2. Quickly see what matches are outstanding and overdue

In your dashboard, you can quickly see if you have any payments outstanding to your association.

  • Upcoming: Payments that are coming up (but not overdue)
  • Overdue: Payments that are overdue (match date is in the past)
  • Paid: Payments you have made successfully

Screenshot of the team manager dashboard where there are new tabs to help you keep track of upcoming, overdue and past payments

3. Sending payment requests is easier if you manage multiple teams

There's no need to toggle between teams to send payment requests. Simply set up your payment request and select people from across all your teams at once.

Screenshot of the updated team member list when you request money from your team/s. You can now request money from people from multiple teams at once

4. Better reporting on payments collected via Teammo

If you use Teammo to collect money from team members, we have added more data about how much money you have collected in total, and what is outstanding and overdue.

If you collect money from team members in Teammo, you will now see a rolled up view of what has been collected, what is outstanding, and overdue in your dashboard

Stay tuned for more updates coming later this year. If you have any feedback, questions or are experiencing any issues, please get in touch with us via support@teammo.com.au.

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