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Making it easy to manage team payments

Teammo helps team managers and club administrators manage money more efficiently. Find out how you can use Teammo in your team or club.

Hassle-free money collection

Collect money from your members

Need to pay team registration? Game fees? New uniforms? Gift for the coach? Use Teammo to request and collect money from your team members. Teammo sends requests and reminders on your behalf so you don't need to spend time chasing money.

Send requests on your terms

Request money when it suits your team or club. You choose when, how much, and who needs to pay.

Flexible amounts

You can request an amount per person or divide a total amount between your team members. You can also specify a different amount for individuals (e.g. parent with two children in the team).

SMS Notifications

Payments requests are sent via SMS – making it quick and easy for your members to pay.

5 min

Hi Anika, Matthew has requested payment of $40.00 for Match Fees Rd 1-4. Pay by replying 442 or by visiting
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No accounts required

Your members don’t need a Teammo account or app to make payments to your team or club. They simply pay via SMS. Making it easier for them to pay, and quicker for you to get paid.

Receive funds in 1-2 business days

Once a payment is made, funds are usually received within 1-2 business days. Payments are sent as they are paid, so you’re never waiting for all members to pay before you receive money.

Connect to your league & association

Make payments to your league or association

You can transact with your league or association if they have partnered with Teammo. Pay for game fees, forfeits and other payments from your Teammo account.

Pay game fees online

Connect to your league or association in Teammo to pay for match fees and other payments. Eliminate the need to pay your fees in person on game day.

Pay in advance

Teammo allows you to pay for multiple matches in advance so you don’t have to pay week-to-week.

Quick payments

After you make your first payment to your league or association, you can save your debit/credit card details to your account. This makes future payments even quicker!

Submit forfeits

If your team is unable to play, you can submit and pay for your forfeit online. Once your forfeit has been submitted and paid for, Teammo sends out automatic notifications to your league/association and your opposition team.

Cards accepted
Teammo accepts all VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards. Bank transfer coming soon.
It's free

There are no additional charges for using Teammo to make payments to your league or association. What they charge is what you pay.

Simple tracking & reporting

Keep track of your payments

Quickly see who has paid and who hasn’t. We keep track of all payments you make and request within your account.


Your dashboard shows how much has been collected, and allows you to send reminders to outstanding payee/s.

Simple reporting

For every payment request, you can see a list of who has paid (and when), as well as outstanding payments.

SMS Notifications

Payments requests are sent via SMS – making it quick and easy for your members to pay. With the click of a button, Teammo sends SMS reminders on your behalf to players with outstanding payments. No more awkward money conversations. Players can receive a reminder once every 24 hours.

5 min

Hi Anika, Matthew is reminding you to pay $40.00 for Match Fees Rd 1-4. Pay by replying 442 or by visiting
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Reports available for financial reconciliation

Request detailed financial reports (CSV format) to assist reconciliation.

How it works

For team members

Payment request is set up
Your team manager or club will set up a payment request in Teammo.
SMS is sent to you
You will receive an SMS from Teammo with a payment request and link to pay. No account is required.
Pay online
For your first payment, click the link in the SMS and enter your card details to pay. It's as easy as that!
That's it!
Your team manager or club will see that you have paid. In future payment requests, you can pay by SMS using the 3-digit code provided.


Secure and reliable

PCI compliance
Teammo uses Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processors to securely process transactions – ensuring your money is in safe hands.
Encrypted payments
All information entered in Teammo is encrypted and stored securely. Teammo meets Level 1 PCI DSS.
Fraud protection and monitoring
Our payment processor monitors payments for suspicious transactions.

Customer stories

Since using Teammo, payment collection has increased from 80% to 99.8%

Ballarat Wildcats Basketball Club

Let us help

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use Teammo?

As a team manager or organiser, it is free to create a Teammo account. We charge a 1.9% + $0.20 transaction fee per payment made through Teammo. This is only applicable to payments you request from team members. It does not apply to payments you make to your league or association for match fees, forfeits, etc.

The 1.9% + $0.20 fee is charged in addition to the payment amount you request from your team members, to ensure you are never out-of-pocket as a team manager. For example, if you request $20.00 from each team member, they pay $20.58. You will receive $20.00.

Can I add multiple teams to my Teammo account?

Yes. There is no limit to how many teams you can add to your Teammo account. If you are the team manager for more than one team, or you are a club, you can add all your teams to the one Teammo account. For more details on how to add another team to your account, read this article.

Who needs to create a Teammo account?

Only one person from a team or club is required to create a Teammo account to manage team payments. Create an account here.‍ Multiple people can create an account and connect to the same team in their league or association. This is useful if there are multiple people in the team responsible for making payments to your league or association.

How do I access Teammo?

You can access the Teammo platform from your website browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox). No mobile app downloads are required. Login here or create an account now.

If you would prefer to use our app, you can download the Teammo app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad or Google Play Store for Android devices.

Ready to get started?

Create an account for free. If you are a club and still have some questions, please get in touch with our friendly team!