About Teammo

A passionate team focused on removing the hassle of payment collection for people who manage and run sport.

Where it started

Our story

Anyone who has played team sport can appreciate how challenging it can be to collect and reconcile payments (registration fees, weekly team sheets, match costs).

We started Teammo to make it easier for team managers, volunteers and administrators to collect team sports payments so they can focus on what matters most – the players and the game.

No more chasing cash, being out-of-pocket or having to nag people for money.

How we operate

Our values

Solve genuine problems
We want to remove payment obstacles for people who manage and run sport. We can only achieve this by listening and solving the real problems.
Shipping a high quality product is a fundamental pillar of Teammo. Our platform is built to help the heroes in sport – competition managers, club volunteers, team managers, and anyone putting their hand up. We do this best when they can rely on a robust and quality platform.
Sometimes our customers experience challenges we haven't come across before (think pandemics). In the situations when we don't already provide a solution, or if our platform doesn't make certain things easier, we follow up with deep support for our customers.
Learning & growth
We are always learning and growing. We strive to do things better each time, harness innovation, take on the hard challenges, work smarter, enable our customers, and seek objectiveness.
Inclusiveness & flexibility
As a team, we provide a flexible and inclusive environment. We recognise that local sport is a fantastic example of people coming from a variety of backgrounds for a common cause. Supporting and encouraging diversity, both internally and in our platform is a core part of our mission.

Our team

Who we are

Sarah Stocks

Sarah is an entrepreneur passionate about solving business and customer problems using data and research. She has many years experience working in digital marketing and communications. Through her many years playing netball and soccer, she understands the need for better sports team payment technology.

Andrew McIntosh

Andrew is an entrepreneur passionate about creating technology to make better experiences for people. He has many years experience working in the startup world building payment technology. Through his sporting ventures – basketball, football, soccer – he realised the need to help sports teams facilitate easier and better payment processes.