For Leagues & Associations

Optimise payments in your organisation

Teammo is an online platform to collect, manage and report on payments from teams and individuals. Reduce administration around collecting payments, and give your staff more time to focus on other initiatives.
Collect fees
Collect match, forfeit and ad hoc fees from your teams and clubs. Teammo helps you eliminate in person payment collection and optimise your staff responsibilities.
Automate forfeits
Allow teams to submit and pay for forfeits/walkovers online. Notifications via SMS and Email are sent automatically to teams and staff members.
Make it easier for teams and clubs
Not only does Teammo help you streamline processes in your organisation, but teams and clubs can benefit from using Teammo as their money management tool to pay, request and track payments.

Efficient match fee collection

Do you collect match fees on a weekly basis? Give your teams and clubs the option to pay online via Teammo. We work alongside your fixture data so teams know what they are paying for, and you can keep track easily.

Automated forfeits

Do you have to respond to inquiries about forfeits/walkovers at all hours of the day? Teammo allows for forfeits to be paid for and submitted online without any manual processing required.

Collect other payments

Collect match fees in bulk at the start of the season? Have tournaments, clinics, fines or other fees you need to collect? Send payment requests via Teammo to teams or individuals.

Give teams and clubs more flexibility

By introducing Teammo, you can streamline processes in your organisation, as well as make it easier for teams and clubs. Here’s how Teammo can support your teams and clubs:

Financial data & tracking

Teammo gives your team access to data so you can quickly see the financial status of teams and individuals. We keep track of all payments you make and request within your account.

Customer stories

Trusted by sports organisations across Australia

Understand how and why sports leagues and associations use Teammo to manage their finances more efficiently.
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Why Teammo

Simplify payment collection to make your organisation more productive

Offering online payments in your organisation helps to reduce administration around payment collection, whilst providing a better experience to your teams and clubs.
Online only
Eliminate in person payments to save time, and create a more COVID-safe environment.
Reduce overheads
By automating your processes, your team can focus on other efforts to drive growth in your organisation.
Happier teams and clubs
Provide a better experience and more flexibility for your clubs, teams and members – without creating extra work for your team.
Get started today
Teammo can be set up in minutes, and is designed to work alongside existing systems in your organisation.


Fair & transparent

Teammo charges a monthly fee depending on your organisation size and plan, and a standard transaction fee for credit / debit card transactions. There is no lock-in period, it is simply month-to-month.
  • Platform fee
    We have plan options depending on how your organisation wants to use Teammo. The fee is based on the number of teams in your organisation (where Teammo is activated).
    Please visit our pricing page for more detail.
  • Transaction fee
    When Teammo is used to collect money from teams, individuals or clubs, we charge a small processing fee.
    1.9% + $0.10
    AUD & excluding GST

Ready to get started?

Start managing and collecting money straight way. If you want to learn more and see a demo, please get in touch with our friendly team!