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Teammo is a complete platform, built for efficient cashflow. Join the growing number of organisations taking their financial operations into the future.


Fair & transparent

Teammo charges a monthly fee depending on your organisation size and plan, plus a standard transaction fee for credit / debit card transactions.


Ideal for organisations who want to collect payments online, and experience minimal forfeits.
/ month
+ transaction fees
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Core includes
Online match payments
Automated fixture integration
Match day dashboard
Support tracking EFTPOS, credits/invoices, and cash
Platform for teams and clubs to manage finances
1.9% + $0.10 credit/debit card per transaction fee
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Ideal for organisations who want to automate the forfeit process across their competitions.
/ month
+ transaction fees
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Everything in Core, and
Automated forfeit notifications
Online forfeit payments
Match payment reminders
Priority support
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Ideal for organisations with greater complexities around clubs,
and club invoicing.
/ month
+ transaction fees
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Everything in Essentials, and
Automated club invoicing
Advanced operational reporting
Concierge on-boarding for clubs
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All prices are in AUD and exclude GST.

Why Teammo

We are invested in your operational efficiency and cashflow

Teammo is your partner
We are invested in your organisation's success, so think of us an extension of your team. Our team brings expertise in financial operations and technology.
We keep evolving to support your changing needs.
Happier teams and clubs
Provide a better experience and more flexibility for your clubs, teams, and team members. We do this without creating extra work for your team.
Robust platform that grows with you
We support your current and future challenges. Teammo is the only solution that automates processes around match payments, forfeit management, club invoicing, ad hoc payment and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any setup fees?

No. Our onboarding process is optimised and automated, so we don't charge a setup fee. You can get up and running within the same day. Furthermore, we provide communication resources to ensure a smooth rollout to your teams, clubs and participants.

How are monthly fees charged?

Monthly fees are charged each month, from the date the plan begins. These are paid via credit/debit card or direct debit and charged to the connect card/account automatically.

How are transaction fees charged?

All funds collected via Teammo are settled via net settlement. This means we take our transaction fees out, and send you the remaining amount. We send payments to your nominated bank account on a daily basis.

Does the monthly fee change if my number of teams change?

We want to ensure predictability when it comes to costs. At the end of each month, we will calculate the average number of active teams (teams actively playing in a current season) for the last 3 months. This number will be used to calculate your monthly costs.

Why do you price based on number of teams?

We keep our pricing as simple and fair as possible. After considered analysis, we found that the number of teams in an organisation is the most accurate measure of the amount of value an organisation receives using the Teammo platform. This takes into account the volume of payments and forfeits, operational complexity, and support workload.

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Start managing and collecting money straight way. If you want to learn more and see a demo, please get in touch with our friendly team!