Launching Teammo for Sports Associations

Teammo has been making it easier for sports teams to collect payments.
Sarah Stocks

Teammo has been making it easier for sports teams to collect payments. Currently, team managers are only able to receive money from team members to their bank account. This means that teams still need to pay the association or league that they play in.

We have received countless feedback for the ability to have these payments sent directly to a sports association/league. We agree — any payment or interaction with your association or league should be simple!

So now…

We are launching Teammo for Sports Associations!

We have been working with sports associations to tackle these problems, one at a time. The first feature we are releasing is the ability to lodge a walkover/forfeit in the event that a team cannot play.

Walkovers / forfeits

Teams that are connected to their association will be able to pay and lodge a walkover online. The team manager simply selects the match time and opposition team. An SMS and email notification will automatically be sent to both teams after payment has been received. Teammo will send the money directly to the association and handle all the communications.

Weekly Fees

Team managers will soon be able to collect money from their team members, and have these funds sent directly to their association or league. This will mean that they will not need to withdraw cash or pay at the door. The association will be able to login into their Teammo account and monitor all teams that have paid for a match.

Registration and season fees

At the start of any season most associations will need to collect registration and payment from teams that want to compete. Soon associations will be able to collect the information and payment required through Teammo. This will allow for teams that pay upfront to collect money easily and have it sent directly to the association or league.

The first association we are launching with is Nunawading Basketball, who are rolling out the forfeit solution Teammo to their senior teams.

How do I get started?

If you’re the organiser of a sports team, sign up to take the hassle out of collecting money.

If your league or association is not connected with Teammo yet, get in touch and we will reach out to them for you.


Read more at https://www.teammo.com.au/for-associations

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