📣 New feature: Match cards

Our new match card feature enables team managers to make payments related to matches from their Teammo account.
Sarah Stocks

Following on from our major release to the platform last month, we’re excited to announce our latest feature – match cards. Team managers can now make payments related to matches from within their dashboard. This means that they don’t need to rely on payment links being sent via email and SMS.

Match cards contain information related to upcoming matches which is taken from the league or association’s fixture data. Team Managers can make payments by clicking on the appropriate match and entering payment details as shown below:

Overview of how matches can be paid for within the Teammo dashboard

What's new?

✅ Teams can pay for games in advance. When a team has paid, it will update the association dashboard in real-time.

Screenshot showing association dashboard being updated when payments are made

💳 Team managers can save their card details, so they only need to enter their details once. Card details are encrypted and stored to PCI DSS compliance standards.

Screenshot showing that team managers can save their card details for future payments

🧾 Team managers have better visibility over what has been paid, upcoming matches and quick access to submit a forfeit if required.

Screenshot of what team managers see when a match is paid for

💳 Forfeits can be submitted by clicking the ‘Submit Forfeit’ button on the relevant match card. Once payment is made, we’ll send out the notifications to affected teams (via team contacts) and the association. Read more about our digital forfeit solution.

How can you get started?

As an administrator at a club or association, the best way to get started with Teammo is to get in touch with us via hello@teammo.com.au.

Ready to get started?

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