Teammo is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Teammo has launched a mobile app to make it more convenient for users to access their Teammo accounts. Available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
Sarah Stocks

Our priority has always been to make Teammo easily accessible without having to download unnecessary mobile apps. That was a big factor in building Teammo so that it could be accessed from website browsers on any device.

We have observed that 80% of Teammo account holders use Teammo on their mobile phones. Using this data, and feedback from our users, we are pleased to announce that Teammo can now be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. 

The reason for launching a mobile app is to provide team managers, clubs and organisers with more choice in how they access Teammo. For those who are using Teammo on a daily or weekly basis, accessing via a mobile app may be a more convenient option. Our mobile app is the same experience as our web experience (accessible on your website browser via We wanted to ensure neither experience was compromised. 

Stay tuned for additional features in our mobile app such as push notifications.

We will be releasing an Android app in 2021. As always, we are constantly iterating on the platform, so if you have an idea or challenge, please send us an email via

App Store Download Link

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