Why we started Teammo

A bit of background about why we started Teammo and what motivates us.
Andrew McIntosh

Sport has been a big part of my life to-date. From footy, soccer, basketball to running. Like most, I have experienced first-hand some of the challenging processes found in teams, clubs and associations. 

Photo of Andrew (Co-founder of Teammo) in his early days of playing basketball
Photo of Andrew (Co-founder of Teammo) in his early days of playing basketball

When I was in university, I was managing a social basketball team. I was responsible for making sure our team had paid each week. Collecting money from team members was time consuming and I was often out-of-pocket. But, the most frustrating thing was that I often missed the start of games due to sorting out the team’s cash. Let’s hope none of my teammates are reading this!

Out of this frustration, the idea for Teammo was born. I determined that I would make life easier for myself and other sports team managers. It was a simple concept to begin with – build a tool that team managers could use to request money from team members. All requests would send via SMS and it would take less than 30 seconds for team members to pay.

Teammo began as a side project. It was an opportunity to solve a problem for my own team, and other team managers in a similar position to me. With the hopes that it would make sport more accessible and easier to take part. It was also an opportunity to explore new technology, as I had spent the last several years working in tech/payments. As we built our initial product, we quickly realised that the problem we were solving resonated with others. 

We learnt that:

  • Teams want to collect payments from each other and send that money onto their club, league or association.
  • Clubs and organisations want tools to collect, track and reconcile their incoming payments.
  • There is a need to simplify the end-to-end payments experience. By doing so, we can remove the biggest obstacle for both teams and organisations. 

Chasing up money is awkward and time consuming. We were solving a genuine frustration in local sport. 

The last few months have been uncertain for local sport across Australia. We have been using this time to listen and act on feedback from sports organisations. We have been building and improving our product to make it even easier for teams, clubs and associations to manage their payments. We are constantly iterating on the platform, so if you have an idea or challenge, please send us an email via

We thank everyone who has supported Teammo so far, and look forward to helping more sports teams, clubs and associations moving forward.

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