Forget cash. We give you a more convenient way to make payments to your team, club and association. It's all online.

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Make payments to your team manager to cover team fees

Teammo enables team managers to request money from team members. As a team member, you can make payments online using debit or credit card.

Make it easier for your team manager to keep track of payments

Our platform enables team managers to track all payments requested and received, and send reminders as required. Don't be that person that needs to be chased up!

How Teammo can benefit your team

Easily request & collect payments

Team managers can request payments from team members. We'll take care of the notifications.

Eliminate chasing cash

Teammo eliminates the need for your team manager to chase team members for cash – saving them time and money.

Safe & secure

Payments are collected quickly and securely, then sent directly to your team organiser's bank account. 

Competitive fees

Teammo charges 3.9% per transaction (team member > team manager payments). No other fees or charges are applied.

Connect to your association

Manage payments to your association if they are affiliated with Teammo. This means being able to pay for things like weekly fees and forfeits online.

Track payments

Teammo provides a dashboard for team organisers to see payments requested and received.

Connect with your association to submit forfeits

If your club and/or association is integrated with Teammo*, your team manager can manage your team's payments with them via our platform (e.g. forfeits, weekly team sheet fees).

Secure transactions

Teammo uses Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processors to securely process transactions – ensuring your funds are in safe hands.
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