For Team Managers & Organisers

Are you tired of wasting time collecting money from players?
Being out-of-pocket? Constantly having to remind players to pay?
Teammo helps you spend less time collecting money and more time enjoying the game.

  • Get paid on time, directly into your bank account

  • Give players a convenient way to pay online

  • Stay organised to save time and effort

How it Works

1. Create a team

Create a team and add players. There's no limit to how many teams and players you can have.

2. Request payments from players

Send players a notification to make a payment to the team. They only see the fees they owe.

3. Players make a payment

No sign up is required and following a player's first payment, they can pay via SMS. All payments are sent to the Team Manager's nominated bank account.

4. Track payments

Team Managers are able to instantly know how much they've collected, is upcoming, or are owed.